My mission is to help you feel more confident so you can live the life you have always dreamed of living. Nothing worth having comes easy. To have incredible relationships; to have a beautiful home with the mortgage paid off; to have a nice cottage or fun toys to play with; it’s all reliant on your ability to master your confidence.

Why would I do this you might wonder?

Why would I want to help those who are strangers to me live better lives? Because sometimes it only takes one person in your life to make a gigantic difference. Someone to believe in you when it seems like no one else does – not even you. In some of my most testing of times, I’ve been fortunate to have some very good people in my life to help me when I needed it. And I want to be that person for you.

My story is that I grew up spending my teenage years in the toxic hockey culture. I didn’t always feel confident in myself. However, I learned so much from my experience as a hockey player and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I thank my parents every day for the opportunity to play.

Does it sound strange to be thankful for a toxic environment? Listen, a career in hockey prepared me well for a career in life. You’re never going to see eye to eye with every boss [coach] you have, you’re never going to love every one of your co-workers [teammates], and in fact, many of them will try to step on you on their way to the top. But, when they do step on you, you need to be tough. You need to stand up for yourself. If you don’t have confidence, standing up for yourself isn’t an easy feat. The worst part is that when one person sees you get stepped on, if you do nothing about it, there will be more stepping to come.

Regardless of where you are in life, whether you’re chugging along, you’re losing momentum, or you’re tumbling back down the hill, I want to provide you uplifting, educational content that’s going to help you excel full steam ahead. I want to share with you the things I’ve gained great confidence in knowing.

You might be wondering what type of content this is? 
Simply put, content that everyone should know. It’s the type of content that makes you feel well-educated and gives you confidence.

I spend a lot of my time learning – particularly learning about why people do the things that they do. When you understand why others do what they do, it allows you to better understand yourself and to understand why you act the way you do.
I had to build ultra-efficient learning habits to thrive at University. I also learned to be proficient at analyzing personalities. This way, we could make the most out of each unique team dynamic.

But University didn’t teach me HOW to learn, only that I HAD TO learn. I have dedicated my life to a perpetual pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge is power and you will be paid based on the complexity of the problems that you solve.

If I could find one common attribute in all my failures, it would be a lack of communication. I failed to understand what was expected of me and I have paid the price for my ineptitude.

I’ve realized it’s not enough to know what people need, you also need to know why they need it. I’ll tell you why. People aren’t good at communicating their needs. Their direction alone is often not enough for you to deliver the product they desire. You must be inquisitive to find out why they need it to ensure you fulfill their true needs.

Let me tell you something else. Big surprise. Fulfilling the needs of others gives you confidence. It makes you feel like you are enough. The better you can serve others, the more confident you become. It’s a prosperous cycle.

No matter if it’s your career, your love life, your friendships, or anything of the kind, the same principles apply. To succeed, you must understand.

I know that when we all have the chance to succeed, we all prosper. And now you have someone rooting for you to succeed.

Let’s start the journey to mastering your confidence now. Are you with me?

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